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2016 Writing Prompts

  1. Obtain a copy of The San Francisco Writer’s 642ThingstoWriteAbout642 Things to Write About √
  2. Turn to a random page
  3. Write one prompt a week every other week  a month, of any length
  4. Repeat for the next 25 years?

  1. A scene that takes place in extreme cold – Sunlight
  2. You are stuck on the highway in the worlds worst traffic jam for at least two days. What happens? – The FF
  3. Write down the interior monologue you experience when you sit down to write – I should get some coffee
  4. You are a loser who lives alone with a cat and have for quite some time. One day your cat can’t take it anymore and starts talking. What does it say? – Prince Archibald McMuffin Plumperdink
  5. The person in your life you’re the most jealous of – Daily Double
  6. A letter to your future self – Dear Future Me
  7. Something You Lost – Blue and Gold
  8. What you ate for breakfast – Caffeine Poisoning
  9. Your dog’s last dream – The Most Glorious Tower of Cheese
  10. Set something on fire – Flames
  11. I was not sorry – Combat Round #4
  12. What you would be doing if you weren’t doing this – Lace Up
  13. Everyone has a special talent, what’s your special skill? – Cuddles
  14. A Missing Body Part – Tamarack
  15. Leaving Home – The Second Step
  16. What did you dream about last night? – Well This is a Crap Thursday
  17. Write down twenty details of your neighborhood block. – The Dead End Street
  18. What Your Desk Thinks About at Night – The Creatures
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