Prompt : A scene that takes place in extreme cold.

The sun returned during the fourth year.

A heavy mire of clouds had held it prisoner for so long, prolonging the Winter, bringing death to the forest. On this day everything changed, on this day a single ray carved its way through. The Winter had been penetrated at long last, and that is exactly what the wolf hoped for.

Her toes curled over the frosted soil packed as hard as ice. She could barely remember the days of soft ground; the Winter had fallen when she was still a cub. She shivered, a motion so mundane to this winter that she paid no notice to the flecks of snow that shook from her pelt.

The wolf’s breath caught in her throat at she stared down the heavens with thankful eyes. This ray of light that cut the dawn could change the world.

AN : Short, very short. My brain is still in “edit my NaNoWriMo story” mode, so for a while these prompts are likely to be within that extended universe…