Oh boy. That might be one of the worst ballot predictions I’ve had in years. I went 9 for 25. Gross. Embarrassing. An utter disappointment!

Then again… the Globes are bizarre. I mean, just look at who decides on them. They’re voted on by a bloc of less than 100 people who live in Southern California. These people are supposed to be journalists who write for foreign publications, and according to lists uncovered in previous years, most are. But some tend to be even more random, and although they technically meet the qualifications for membership, the publication requirement is allegedly quite open for interpretation.

Combine the tiny, multi-industry voting group (as opposed to specific Guilds, or the 7,000+ members of the Academy) with some bribery and scandal allegations over the years, and you get the Golden Globes, the “Drunk Oscars” as the internet has started to call it. It’s strange, it’s unpredictable, and my ballots are always confounding stinkers.

At least other outlets seem shocked with a few of last night’s winners. Fargo being ignored? Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence winning their categories? The Revenant topping Spotlight and Mr. Robot overshadowing Game of Thrones? I also appear to be the only human being, outside of its production crew, happy about Mozart in the Jungle winning anything. I did have Bernal on my ballot, but the Best Comedy Win was a delightful shock.

Whatever. At least everyone there seemed just as confused as I was that The Martian was a Musical or Comedy. I was spot on with that.

Anyway, Oscar nominations hit on Thursday, and before that even we get a glimpse at what the Director’s Guild is thinking. Their nominees drop tomorrow.