Awards Season for me means watching a ton of movies, stupidly fast. So many films, so little precious time. Too little time for full reviews on each. Fifty words though? That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

The Hateful Eight
Blood, a killer score, creative profanity, weird accents, more blood- sounds like Tarantino! Jennifer Jason Leigh was amazing and I’ll never dislike a turn from Waltz, but it suffered in parts from the formula. Tarantino gets away with some cliches because he has before, but he could’ve done better.

The Big Short
If this movie doesn’t piss you off then you might just be the guy Ryan Gosling played. Creative editing and style, easy asides for complex issues, and a script rooted in tragedy that still offers laughs. Stellar work from an impressive cast, and a film all Americans should see.

Inside Out
This was quite possibly more moving than Up. It was an amazingly inventive way to tell a story relatable to children and adults everywhere, and the hockey was just an extra twist to the emotional dagger in my heart. Wonderfully expressive performances and a powerful message.

Schumer has been waning on me, but she did well with this script and starring performance. Hadar was a joy as always, and LeBron James was actually a surprising delight in every scene. This was Apatow’s best directorial effort in years.