toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This Week’s Question :  What are the Top Ten Historical Settings you love reading about the most?

This was a really fun one since it’s incredibly open as far as interpretations go. It also forced me to take an adventure through my Goodreads shelf, which was a delight of an experience all on it’s own. So many wonderful books I had completely forgotten about!

Anyway, I present a collection of books featuring some of my very favorite historical settings, in chronological order, because sorting them by favorite would break me. Also, I need to read more historical fiction not set in the same 3 countries. Goals!

  • Ancient Rome (Imperium by Robert Harris)
  • 12th Century England (The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett)
  • Pre-Columbian America (1491 by Charles C. Mann)
  • 15th Century Europe (The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier)
  • Tudor England (The Autobiography of Henry VIII by Margaret George)
  • Revolutionary Era America (Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow)
  • Bourbon Restoration France (The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas)
  • Early 19th Century America (The Revenant by Michael Punke)
  • 19th Century Russia (Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy)
  • Post WWI  Europe (The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway)