I was nominated by Jia Wei over at Film and Nuance to take part in this blog tag. So rather than do one of my normal weekly writing prompts, I’m going to do this instead!


  • Tag it under ‘DearFutureMeTag’
  • Write a letter to yourself to read again in a years time. You can answer if you would like.
  • Nominate Other Bloggers, as many as you like (at the end of this post)

Dear Future Me,

How’s are those MBA classes going? Just a few more months, right? That’s pretty cool. …Unless you took time off, which you totally said you would not do. You better not disappoint me. Don’t you want to get that crap finished with ASAP? Stop playing Mass Effect again and get your homework done. Dang.

Speaking of things I hope you have done- how’d that book editing work out? Did you finish it? Did you even let anyone read it? I’m going to assume you did NaNoWriMo again because you’re a weird masochist like that. What was it this time- Lemurs attacking Cyberspace? A Greater Kudu solving a murder mystery?

Shit. I think I might have just self-fulfilling prophecy’d myself. I like that Kudu idea. I’m stealing it from you and there is nothing you can do about it since you don’t really exist yet.

I should probably stop asking you questions, since you can’t really answer me, but I just sat through three hours of My Accounting Lab assignments and I’m a little crabby and a lot unwise. Then again, a moment in the wake of such supreme mental anguish might just be the best time to impart some life lessons.

  1. Stop playing Mass Effect. Seriously. You know what happens, and you’re just going to get sad again. Unless the new one actually gets released in the next twelve months. If so, disregard this bulletpoint and go kick some ass.
  2. Panic less. I know you’re panicking. You’re always panicking about your job, and school, and money. But guess what.. there still isn’t anything you can do about it! Not till that stupid MBA is done so get it done.
  3. Don’t stop writing. If you haven’t already, someday you’ll develop the confidence to let people actually read some of your long-form fiction. I believe in you?

That’s all I got for advice. Pathetic? Probably. Sorry, blame the software.

So um… Winds of Winter finally came out, right? Right? And how was Hamilton by the way? Did your face melt? Is it still melted? Speaking of Hamiltons, did Lewis win again? Probably. I will make a preemptive disgusted grunt. Ugh. Mercedes. I hope you at least ate some really fantastic poutine.

You know, you should really invent a time machine and give me answers to stupid F1 prop bets so that I can make ludicrous amounts of money like in 11/22/63 and then not have to deal with bullet point #2 anymore.

No? Not gonna do that? Too busy sitting on your computer farting around on the Citadel? Thanks. Now I’m going to be broke forever.

~ Lauren

Whelp, that’s my letter.

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