We’re getting closer to the Oscars, which means I’m almost out of movies to hunt down and watch. No fretting though, I still have a ballot picks to do!


Terrifying, depressing, painful to watch. Adjusting to life after living through such horror is almost unimaginable, but it goes to show how resilient kids are. Brie Larson was amazing, and her movie-son is equally, if not more deserving of praise. Liked this far more than I expected to.


Underwhelming for me. Blanchett and Mara were great and the costumes and settings where breathtaking as well as period-specific, but the movie as a whole just felt like it was missing something. A good film, but not a great film.


I’m confused at the lack of praise this film has gotten. Del Toro and Blunt were stellar, the story was fascinating, frustrating (in a good way) and fast paced while also showing just how miserably broken the entire system has become. Starkly shot and thrilling.

The Danish Girl

Why is Alicia Vikander nominated as a supporting actress? She was just as prominent as Redmayne. This was a reverential film towards a trans-gendered pioneer, though the real life story was more interesting. This movie just made me want to go back to Europe.


This was your standard Bond movie. Skyfall was still better. Waltz was born to play a Bond villian, Seydoux held her own, and the story was everything you would expect with lots of M & Q + Moriarty? The theme song was weak and I don’t understand its nomination at all.