The 88th Annual Academy Awards aired last night, and despite being stuck on an airplane for most of the ceremony I was able to MacGyver together a feed thanks to liveblogs, apps, and a terrible free wifi connection through the plane.

Morning after thoughts, in totally random order :

Loved the monologue, and just about everything Chris Rock did. He handled the #OscarsSoWhite controversy with biting remarks and edgy asides, but also with great humor. He’s hoping for change not just within the Academy, but in Hollywood itself.

The thank you ticker was a better idea in theory. Everyone still talked forever, and it didn’t really help to tighten up the show.

Mad Max taking 6 awards is huge! It beat out period pieces for costume and production design, it took editing away from some incredibly paced films, and it even beat Leo’s post-bear mauling makeup! Mad Max : Fury Road is now the winning-est Australian film of all time. Now if only Miller had upset on that Best Director category…

The droids and tiny little Jacob Tremblay was adorable and wonderful and I hope that kid doesn’t fade to obscurity because he was really, really good in Room. Hey Disney people, give him a part in one of your 9000 upcoming Star Wars films maybe?

I was wrong 7 times. I went 17/24. Of those, three were short films. I can’t remember the last time I bombed on all three shorts though. I did win my family pool at least. Again. I want to say I’m 6 years in a row now?

The pick I got wrong that I’m mad about? The Writings on the Wall winning for best song. At least we don’t have “Academy Award Winner 50 Shades of Grey” in the world, but Writing is a snore, and should not have won.

Of the other 3, I was pleased with the actual winners. Rylance was wonderful in Bridge of SpiesEx Machina absolutely deserved a Visual Effects win, and I was above thrilled to see The Revenant not win best picture, despite selecting it to do so. Spotlight was my pick as “Best Film of the Year” so I was over the moon with that upset happening.

The world can now stop caring about Leo and his Oscar snubs. I think that makes me happiest of all.

How’d your ballot turn out?

Are you ready for the fancy-films season to end and the popcorn and explosions fun films season to begin? Captain America : Civil WarX-Men : Apocalypse? Sign me up.