Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookishtoptentuesday

This Week’s Topic :  Ten Books to Read if you are in the mood for ____

I just got back from vacation. Sure, it was a short, 72 hour trip, but it was something different from my norm at any rate. Like most people, the worst thing is the day after you come home. You’re adjusting again; you’re mourning that your adventure has come to an end. But you can always go on an adventure within a book, be it through a place real or imagined. You don’t even need to leave your armchair to do it!

  1. The Color of Magic & The Light Fantastic – Two books featuring the first traveler Discworld has ever seen. Escape into the mayhem with Twoflower and his Luggage.
  2. The Way of Kings – See the world of Roshar through the eyes of Kaladin and Shallon, two individuals seeing their strange, magical world through some very different circumstances.
  3. Into Thin Air – If you’re like me, the thought of climbing a mountain sounds terrifying. But! You can live vicariously through the adventures (and tragedies) of this infamous expedition.
  4. Snow Crash – Adventure through the Metaverse (and the strange real-life America that surrounds it) in this sci-fi must-read.
  5. Fables – Travel to the Homelands; the Cloud Kingdoms, the Rus, the North, the Indu and the dozens of others in this comic series steeped in fairy tale lore.
  6. Uprooted – Speaking of Fairy Tales- dive in to this story inspired by medieval Slavic tales and lands (but with major of course!)
  7. The Martian – Fly off to Mars and spend your time with the greatest Botanist on the entire planet!
  8. Saga – Speed through the galaxy and behold all of the crazy, screwed up people that live in it (just don’t get shot).
  9. Last Chance to See – Explore some of the most beautiful and rare creatures on our planet with the delightful humor of Douglas Adams at your side.
  10. 11/22/63 – Step through the wormhole and into the past, and explore everything the early 1960s has to offer.