WWW Wednesday is a book meme run by Taking on a World of Words.

Each week we’re asked three questions –

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

Well, I’m nearly at 50% on Infinite Jestwhich is amazing in the weirdest ways and I have no idea how I could possibly write a review of it once I’m done. I’m loving it to death, and I lost my mind over The Decemberist’s music video for Calamity Song, which is stripped directly from one of the best chapters of literature ever written. There are still quite a few weeks to go for the read-along, but so far I’m really happy I kept with it. It all comes together so bizarrely.

I don’t have long stretches of free time this week, so I’ve been limiting myself to graphic novels and short story collections- works that are fragmented, short, or both- just so I can feel like I’ve completed and accomplished things. I’m just about done with Blankets, by Craig Thompson, which is thus far fantastic and strikes really close to home (literally, I’m reading it for my “Home State” Read About Where challenge).

I’m also working slowly through Susanna Clarke’s The Ladies of Grace Adieu, which is comprised of short stories set in her incredible Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell universe. I’m only one story in right now, but liking the focus so far on lady magicians.

Finally, I was working on In the Garden of Beasts, but it’s been backburnered a little bit by my schedule. It’s one of those books that seems to require more than 30 minute reading chunks here and there. I’ll hopefully finish it this week, but no promises.

What did you recently finish reading?

I didn’t do a WWW last week, but in the past two weeks I’ve completed Trillium, Children of Dune and A Gathering of Shadows. The first two were alright, the last was a delight.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Probably more short stories and graphic novels. I have The Complete Essex County ready to go, as well as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the first two volumes of the latest Avatar comic. I’ll coin toss those and see how I feel.

I’m also staring down a couple of Neil Gaiman short story collections- including Fragile Things, which I have a freaking signed copy of from when it came out a billion years ago that I’ve never actually read. So once the Clark stories are finished I’m finally going to crack that open.

So what are you reading this week? Has your TBR overwhelmed your computer desk to the point where usability has been abandoned to the wind?