Writing Prompt : I was not sorry.

She is possessed about 20% of the time.

I’d say it was a good type of possession, but that’s not entirely true. Good in the powers it brings, good for plot development, but objectively good? Probably not.

That other 80% she worked to keep her travelling companions safe from the horrors she was subjected to for all of those years. If they only knew.

Sometimes she wondered why she even bothered. They were assholes most of the time; they insulted her and mocked her and didn’t appreciate the absolute mental and physical beatings that she took on their behalf.

If they only knew.

She shrugged it off most days. She did what she did for as much her own benefit as theirs. And the dwarf wasn’t completely horrible to her. The rest never shut up. On her worst nights, when the possession was half there and not, strong enough for her to know and object but still make her want to do very evil things she dreamt that she could silence them. Maybe permanently.

Today has been a particular chore, one assault after another, her on the front line slogging away for a couple of tools who have zero appreciation for what she is capable of. She fends off waves, spears a giant, and breaks the charms of demons and their minions. They never even say thank you. Except for the dwarf; he’s not so bad.

Now, of course, they’ve walked into another predicament, another conflict that could’ve been avoided if they’d just listened to her. Alas, a flock of foul winged creatures swarms the idiots who ran foolishly ahead.

Despite all of her frustration she has a rule about using her spells on her fellow adventurers. She’s been hurt enough by past “friends” that she’s sworn she’d abstain from such actions if possible. But today? Not today. Not after the bugs, the giants, the demons. Not after the ribbing and mocking and non-stop bullshit. She was beat to hell and her mind screamed.

With her choice the world shatters before her and everything falls. The corpses of the foes erupt from the boom and thunder. The bodies of her companions lay strewn on the ground, shocked and, best of all, silent.

They would be fine eventually. She was not sorry.