Writing Prompt : What you would be doing if you weren’t doing this

Brain chemicals are funny things.

You’ll spend wintery weeks on the sofa, covered in blankets and the warm sounds of a Netflix binge. You barely move, and like it that way.

Then that day arrives, that odd March day when the weather forgets what season it actually is. The parkas come off and the T-shirts and shorts make their appearances one again after months of regretful banishment in bottom drawers.

The scent of it all is too much for your cold addled brain. You can’t suffer the blanket anymore. You dig through the hall closet, flinging seven pairs of boots about until you find them. The purple shoes.

You lace up. You run.

Limbs are stiff from eons of inactivity, but they remember this feeling. They remember the sun and the air and the thump, thump, thump of feet on concrete.

Your brain remembers above all else, and it wakes up for the first time since the leaves fell. The chemicals of action make everything better, right.

You finish the trek, covered in sweat from that strange March sun. You did better than expected, and now it’s all you can think about. The Netflix is gone, the blankets are folded. All you want to do is run again.

Brain chemicals are funny things.