Writing Prompt : Everyone has a special talent, what’s your special skill?

Some dogs knew how to sit, speak, shake. Some even took those tricks one step further- they could jump through hoops and climb walls, weave through poles or chase after lures with discipline and speed.

Other dogs had jobs. Real, appointed jobs. Some actually saved people, diving into frozen waters or sniffing through debris and rubble to uncover a human in danger. Some could smell a seizure before it happened, or lead their people through life in the absence of eyes. Some dogs were utterly amazing.

He was not one of those dogs. He could do none of those things. Except sit. And… maybe shake on a good day. Saving lives? Forget it. His brain just didn’t work that way; the memories refused to stick and solidify. Some trauma in his early days left him confused and anxious. Learning just never happened. He could barely remember people, could barely recognize his people from outside the front window.

But there was one thing he was good at, perhaps better at than any dog in the world.

He was the best cuddler.