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Thank you, thank you to Tory for nominating me!

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I’ve seen this one floating around for a while, so I’m sure many of you lovelies have already received it- but if not : Xxertz, Jia Wei, Orangutan Librarian, Imyril, RainandCheese

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Alright, not sure how these are going to turn out… Just gonna write the first seven things that come to mind.

  1. I was on Jeopardy, many moons ago, and I ended up in second place. I got the correct final answer at least, which was “Corsica.”
  2. I sang ABBA karaoke in Japan when I was sixteen. Actually, speaking of singing, I used to do a ton of it. “Carmina Burana,” “Turandot,” “Grease,” and “Footloose” are some of the productions I was a part of. I haven’t really done much since high school.
  3. These days I just do various sports at a totally non-serious level. I’m in a Curling club during the winter (RIP 15-16 season, I’ll miss you) and I play Volleyball and Run in the summer. I’m trying out Kickball this year too, so we’ll see how that goes.
  4. I taught myself how to program in 4th grade, back in the olden days of Geocities and Angelfire. My first website was about Wolf Biology and Behavior, because I was a weird kid.
  5. I have two dogs, who I write about for prompt fodder, as well as two Degus, which are small Chinchilla/Rat type creatures.
  6. My life stops whenever Bioware releases a new video game. The next Mass Effect is slated for release when I’m working through my final semester of my MBA program, so that’s awesome timing :/
  7. I love languages, and got half way through (long story) majors in Russian and Linguistics before I decided to just graduate with the two majors I had already completed.