Writing Prompt : A missing body part

He noticed Trill giving him worried looks throughout the meeting- silent questions about his behavior and unvoiced words of concern. Tam brushed off those gestures that could only be shared between two who had been together so long. He knew that she knew what he was doing, ignoring her worries, downplaying any pain or weakness . It was a silent, unmoving dance between them, a duel of concerns in a room full of near strangers who hadn’t the faintest idea what was playing out between the bear king and his mate.

He could not face her directly, he needed to focus, plan, choose. Tam looked straight ahead, allowing Trill to disappear from his vision entirely. It was a strange feeling, to know there are things that should be seen. There would forever be nothing in that patch; blindness.

Tam had to turn the entire mass of his large skull to survey the party assembled, the curious collective of soldiers and civilians who had suffered just as much as he had, if not more. The she-dog was still lost to a word of dreams, hopefully soon to wake but missing a part of her when she did. The eastern bears had even more taken from them, as did the squirrels and the rabbits, though he knew not the names of those lost.

He was lucky to have only lost an eye.

Tamarack’s vision landed on the marten, the young one overflowing with every emotion one could catalog. She advocated for movement, for her family back home and for the entire resistance. Creatures he barely knew or never met. He had to make a call, despite pain, confusion, self-preservation. They were running out of time.

A:N : a sort of side scene from “A Marten Speaks” which is a freaking awful title and I need a new one. Anyway, it’s my NaNoWriMo project from 2015 that is forever being edited.