The Great Book of Lists – Chapter 4.0 – Hobbies

What are the activities you enjoy, that make you happy, that empty and quiet your mind, or trigger a creativity outburst ?

Can it be called a hobby to collect hobbies?

I have a lot of hobbies. Sometimes I think maybe I should cut down on them, especially the ones that are more active or skilled based. Become better at a few things rather than be passable at so many?


  • Reading – which should be obvious. All books, all sorts, all the time.
  • Writing – which should also be obvious. I want to focus more on my novel projects, but lately I haven’t had huge chunks of time to devote. I can read in 30 minute pockets, write? Not so much.
  • Movies – also, yet again, obvious. Seeing them, talking about them, reading about them.
  • Video Games – been unwinding with these for longer than I can remember. Mostly PC, occasionally console. Most recently Fallout 4The Witcher : Wild Hunt, and Stardew Valley, but also pretty much anything Bioware of Bethesda has ever made, some random MMOs here and there, and occasional jumps down the time-sucking rabbit hole of the Civilization series.
  • Travel – I try to do this as much as possible, whenever possible. Foreign or Domestic, near or far, I love to see new things…
  • Food – …and taste new things! Is going to bars and restaurants a hobby? Whatever. I’m including it.
  • Legos – Because I’m an adult and those 9-14 age suggestions can go screw themselves. I have a Tower of Orthanc and a Millennium Falcon in my office, and it I weren’t already spending most of my extra cash on trips and food I’d be throwing far more at those building blocks.
  • Curling – a silly winter sport that’s harder than it looks.
  • Running – a silly all-year sport that makes me knees hate me.
  • Dogs – hanging out with my idiot dog and my genius dog who thinks he’s people.
  • Learning! – languages, stupid trivia, the fact that I am working on yet another degree.

There are about a million other things I’m not listing either. Team trivia, fantasy football, volleyball, basically any of the spectator sports that I’m a fan of. I do too much stuff…

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