Writing Prompt : What did you dream about last night?

I’m fired. We’re all fired. Oh god, they said they layoffs wouldn’t be for two years. We had two years. Two years. Not today.

Why today?

It’s a Thursday. Who does this on a Thursday… and in the middle of the quarter? What the hell. The students? The quarter? A Thursday?

Pack my things? What do they mean… oh.

My office. Shit shit shit I have so much stuff. Boxes, and mugs, and posters, and books and oh god can all of this even fit in my car? We have to be out today?

I can’t carry this all, I can’t. Not to my car it’s too far. I should move my car.. will they let me back in? They have to, right? It’s theft otherwise… they have to let me back in they have to let me back in.

What the funk? I was gone for like five minutes and they sold the building. All my stuff! My mugs! The new owners have to let me back in. This is crap.

This is…

What the hell are those things?

Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

Are those mutant zombies? They sold the building to mutant zombies? Why are they so green oh shit is Mary going in anyway?


Nope nope nope nope nope.

I can get new mugs.