The Great Book of Lists – Chapter 5.1 – Real Inspirations, 5.2 – Elements of My Day, 5.3 – So Far, So Good!

I’ve gotten a little behind on these, because… well… life. Woo. But now I can just write one giant ramble instead of three smaller ones. Bonus?

5.1 & 5.2 – Elements of My Day and  Inspirations

Today’s To Do List :

  • Start the paper that’s due early next week because I need to learn to not procrastinate on homework
  • E-mail my DnD group to find out what’s going down this weekend
  • Find something to cook for Memorial Day?
  • Run a few miles.
  • Write up some more War & Peace stuff.

What I’m Excited For Today :

  • Free soft open of fancy new restaurant tonight!
  • I have a three day weekend!
  • I topped 100 running miles in a month for the first time ever, and I still have a few days left!

What I’m Thankful For / Inspired By :

  • My parents for being weirdos just like me, but encouraging me to keep doing what I’m doing
  • All the awesome writers in the blogosphere who are getting novels published. Someday! Someday I will join your ranks!
  • The weather for finally being warm-ish, but not too warm! Because too warm = running death.
  • Speaking of running, my husband who puts up with my weird schedule and dietary needs.
  • That I can go on another vacation… soon.

5.3 – So Far So Good

What has changed since the year has started?

Since the beginning of the year –

  • I’ve rekindled my love of running after 6 months of nothingness
  • I’ve started up my Graduate level MBA classes
  • I’ve become even less sure of what I want to do career-wise, so that’s a bummer
  • I’ve read more books than I did in all of 2015
  • I’ve gotten involved with lots of new activities and made a ton of new friends through them
  • I’ve listened to the Hamilton soundtrack about 400 times

The Great Book of Lists is a 52-week list making project with the objective to “reflect your happiness, your hopes, your project, your inclinations, the person you were, the person you long to become.” Join us!