May was disappointing. There is no good way to put it otherwise. I knew I would be getting busier with schoolwork and running, but it still disappoints me to look at my sad little list of completed books, and the even sadder page count that goes along with it. Only 1,317 pages completed. Wait, no! 1,800! Goodreads doesn’t add the pages of unfinished books, and I’m 1/3 through War & Peace so I can tack those on. Either way, it’s a step down from previous months. This is my life now.


The one cool thing is that I tied my 2015 book count? 49 so far with seven months to go.

  • Favorite Book of the Month : Honestly? So far it’s War & Peace. It’s just really, really interesting and I might need to have my head examined for thinking so.
  • Least Favorite Book of the Month : Calamity. It was a very “meh” ending to an otherwise fun trilogy.
  • Favorite Highlight : “It’d never work,’ he said. ‘I mean, she’s a female and you’re a, well, you’re a –‘ He paused. ‘Well, whatever you are, you’re of the wooden persuasion. It’s never work. People would talk.’ – Sourcery (Death is my favorite Discworld character, but the Luggage is a very close #2)
  • Everyone Should Read : High Rise or The Turn of the Screw. Both are just so strange and open to interpretation and I want to know other people’s interpretations!
  • Topic That I’m Now Obsessed With : Strangely nothing? I have no idea what I read next. No genre is really jumping out at me. Maybe Historical Fiction? Maybe?? Time to roll the D20s again.
  • New (to me) Author I Want to Read More Of : My reading list was so short this month that I don’t have a particular standout. Especially since I’ve read pretty much every one of these authors before. I’d read them all again I think.
  • New (to me) Author I Think I’ll Skip From Now On : See above.
  • Looking Forward To Reading : More War & Peace. Go figure. Aside from that? I’ll probably enjoy whatever the dice roll turns up. I have some Philippa Gregory and Bernard Cornwell laying around should I go the historical route. Hm.
  • Reading Challenge Status : The Goodreads goal of 52 is about to be shattered, so huzzah for that. For the Pretty Books Challenge I breezed through The Turn of the Screw. I didn’t really add anything new to Read About Where, since most of my settings were fantastical or places that were already covered. When are You Reading got the 1970s covered thanks to High Rise. And finally, I’m just one behind on reviews (Sourcery) but that will be up later this week.

Full List of Books Completed

  1. Doctor Strange
  2. High Rise
  3. Calamity
  4. The Reflections of Queen Snow White
  5. The Turn of the Screw
  6. Sourcery

So how was your month? Better than mine I hope! What was your favorite read?