I have a serious zoo problem. I go to way too many zoos. This year I’ve been to… 4? 5? 4. In 3 states and 1 foreign country. I’ll probably hit up at least one more before the year ends too. Aside from reading, taking pictures is my deal, and taking pictures of pretty things from far away places is even better. Zoo Birds count towards that aspiration.

Anyway, this month’s edition of BIRD FACTS is a game. Three of these facts are real! One… one I made up. But people think it’s real? Because I hear is every time I’m at the zoo and it drives me insane because it says the exact opposite on the sign why don’t people read??

Sorry. Accidently let the bird rage out. Read your zoo signs!

  1. Tawny Frogmouths are owls.
  2. Male weavers build nests in order to attract ladies.
  3. Both male and female Inca Terns have sweet moustaches.
  4. White feathered pelicans nest on the ground, brown feathered pelicans nest in trees.

So which are true? Which is a lie?

This edition of Bird Facts is brought to you by the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, IL. Well… not really. I’d love to get paid. But I took this pictures there.