Alright, alright, alright. tackle-your-tbr-readathon-2016

We’re a few days in and so far those goals are flying off the list. They were….

  • Read a minimum of 100 pages a day
  • Finish The Passage (350 pages to go) and The Strain (125 pages to go)
  • Start and finish Eric (217 pages), Illuminae (599 pages), and The Fall (308 pages)
  • Finish up with the latest Doctor Strange and Black Panther comic arcs
  • Write at least 2 progress posts + a wrap up

What’s done? The StrainThe Passage, and Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic are all checkmarks in the completion column. I still need to reviews for the latter two, but I didn’t set review deadline goals so… hah!

Those titles add up to around 600 pages read… give or take. Comics are weird for page counts. Anyway, 600 pages over 4 days puts me solidly ahead on my 100 page a day minimum, so additional high fives all around.

I started The Fall, which is the sequel to The Strain, on Wednesday. I’m already about a quarter of the way done with it.

Illuminae, another book on my start and finish list, is also in the works. I managed about 45 pages last night before falling asleep (I stayed up super late to get through the last 100 pages of The Passage but wanted to get a baby jump on the next bullet point on the list). The format of the book is very interesting, and while it is nearly 600 pages long, those include all kinds of graphs and transcripts and images, so I don’t think it will take as long as it looks.

I’m partially thinking that my goal list is too easy? Should I add another book? It’s my birthday this weekend which means less time for reading and more time for celebrating, so I’ll see where I’m at on the other end. Maybe add on The Magician’s Land?