Well well well. I gave myself some softball goals for sure. I mean, just look at them!tackle-your-tbr-readathon-2016

  • Read a minimum of 100 pages a day
  • Finish The Passage (350 pages to go) and The Strain (125 pages to go)
  • Start and finish Eric (217 pages), Illuminae (599 pages), and The Fall (308 pages)
  • Finish up with the latest Doctor Strange and Black Panther comic arcs
  • Write at least 2 progress posts + a wrap up

I finished The Strain and The Passage before my first progress post went live, same with Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic.

Since making that post last Friday I have also finished Eric and Illuminae, and I’m about two dozen pages from finishing The Fall. I’ve also obviously kept to that 100 page a day goal, since Illuminae alone was 600 pages… though that sort of feels like cheating. There are so many pages in that book with like, five words on them.

This is update post #2, satisfying that goal… which leaves us with that wee chunk of The Fall and two issues of a comic book. Yeah. I went easy. Too easy. So I’m going to tack on the entirety of my September classic, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, and also The Magicians Land. I’m contemplating adding more…. but why stress myself out?

Anyway, my TBR shelf is actually looking empty these days. Well… as empty as you can get with The Words of Radiance and Cryptonomicon still sitting their beefy selves on it. I kind of regret not taking before and after pictures.

How’s your TBR looking? How much money have you saved not buying books for a month? Or even just two weeks? I should treat myself to some froyo.