It’s done! I think? Was midnight tonight the deadline… or last night? Whatever, either way, goals are accomplished.

  • Books Finished : 9
  • Pages Read : 2,400
  • Favorite ReadThe Passage
  • What I’m going to do now : Catch up on real life again because class is in session and Human Resource Management is so thrilling.

This was a fun little two-week escape from real life. I read so many books, including two comic arcs, almost an entire trilogy of vampire novels, my monthly Discworld title, my monthly classic, and even a YA book! I’ve cleared out almost all of the fiction titles on my TBR shelf, gotten close to finishing two series, and actually upped my “books read” count substantially after a long summer of… not much.

Alas, I’m now terribly, terribly behind on reviews. EricThe FallThe Magician KingThe Importance of Being EarnestDoctor Strange v.2, and Black Panther are all as yet unwritten. Yikes. So between all of those and all of my new and delightful homework my reading might slip back again. But hey, I’m like 25 books over my yearly goal, so whatever.

How did your Read-a-thon go? Smash those goals? Find something cool and new and fun? I should do another one of these at some point…