October… not the best month. But with NaNoWriMo kicking off today, followed by a very busy holiday and travel filled December, it might be the biggest reading month I have until 2017.

  • Favorite Book of the Month : Probably Immortal Iron Fist. There weren’t a ton of reading options to choose from, but it was a really fun afternoon read and I keep meaning to get more into the series (and heck, write a review…) but time is so minimal at present.
  • Least Favorite Book of the Month : Picnic at Hanging Rock. Again, maybe I just didn’t get it?
  • Favorite Highlight : “Learn what the rest of the world is like. The variety is worthwhile.”- Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman
  • Everyone Should Read : Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman. It’s a memoir by one of the biggest characters in science, and everyone seems to have opinions.
  • Topic That I’m Now Obsessed With : Westworld. Yeah, I know it’s not a book, but it’s taking everything in my power to not get sucked down a fan theory rabbit hole.
  • New (to me) Author I Want to Read More Of : I absolutely want to read more of Ed Brubaker’s Immortal Iron Fist.
  • New (to me) Author I Think I’ll Skip From Now On : Joan Lindsay. It doesn’t look like she’s written much anyway… but not for me.
  • Looking Forward To Reading : Oh man, I laughed at reading my September Shelf Status, because it mentions all this stuff I was going to read in October… and I finished none of it. So um…. finishing and our starting those things. I also didn’t quite finish my monthly Discworld title, which stinks. But I’ll have that completed by the end of this week at least.
  • Reading Challenge Status : 

Full List of Books Completed

  1. Gulp
  2. Picnic at Hanging Rock
  3. The Night Eternal
  4. Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman
  5. The Immortal Iron Fist Volume 1

Anyway, time to get back to some NaNoWriMo work. Yay for stories!