We’re now a few days into National Novel Writing Month and I’ve gotta say that this year is far, far more difficult than last.

It should be easier, right? I completed the entire month by myself last time, with no real support group. I had no idea what I was doing or getting into. This time I’m a seasoned vet, and I have three buddies working on it as well. We have pep talks! We keep each other on track!

But none of that helps when your story just refuses to flow. I have an outline, I’ve even fleshed out that outline in the last few days. I have 5,052 words. It’s getting there, but it’s taking so much more effort than I remember.

Bits and Pieces ~

  • Writing in first-person sucks. I kind of needed to for the story, but it feels awkward.
  • My verb tenses are just all over the damned place.
  • Who am I writing this for? Adults? Young Adults? Precocious eight-year-olds? How much profanity should I appropriately use if I’m in the head of a 17-year-old?
  • Quantum Physics = ????
  • Time travel = timelines = plot holes = paradoxes = no stop it get everything straight.
  • I don’t actually know if my main characters name has ever been said yet. Or shit, their gender for that matter. Now I question if I should just leave it ambiguous for… reader surrogacy reasons or something. Nah, that’s dumb.
  • My weekend is insanely busy- I’m finally running that marathon! But I might get behind on my word counts. Playing catch up on Monday is going to blow.