I am alive, really.

I just made the horrible, horrible mistake of doing NaNoWriMo at the same time as my most difficult and time consumer MBA class. The good news is that I’m currently surviving both. The bad news is that I have essentially zero time to read or write about anything else. Aside from the audio books I listen to while commuting, I haven’t picked up a book in two weeks. Sorry challenges, I’ll make it up to you in December when I have nothing going on again.

Here’s what’s shaking…

  • I’m at 23,500 words right now, and today’s deadline is 25,000.
  • I’ve hit the center point of the story, which was the hardest for me last year as well. The opening is done, and the end is decided, but I’m meandering to get there.
  • I haven’t decided on deaths yet. I might hoenstly flip a coin.
  • Also, I hate first person and I doubt I will ever do a story in that perspective again.
  • Why, why did I do time travel? It was fine when it was just set points with one person, but now that the points and people are changing it is getting insanely messy. At least that portion of the story will be done within the next 10-15k pages I hope.

I’m still behind on two book reviews, so I’m going to try and get those out before I forget what I even read. Otherwise stay sane my fellow NaNo’s! The end is… half way closer?