Our favorite silly awards show has dropped its nominees this morning, and oh my are there a lot of movies I haven’t seen.*

So who is being honored this go around?

The Drama Films are pretty par for the course, especially when you take a gander at the various critics awards passed around in the last few weeks- Moonlight , Manchester By the Sea. La La Land should absolutely sweep the Musicals and Comedies category though, right? As pleased as I am to see Deadpool in there, we all know that Damien Chazelle’s love story to California is going to nab that one, along with wins for its two stars. Sorry Ryan Reynolds. We’re making progress when it comes to recognizing quality action/superhero films, but I don’t think it’ll be your year.

The television category is one that I have more of a connection to, at least at this time of year. I’ve watched all of the dramas! And most of the comedies! I have personal opinions on them, and not just estimates based on the opinions of critics I’ve never met!

  1. I’m legitimately torn on best drama. In my heart, I say Stranger Things. But Westworld was so surprisingly good, and Game of Thrones is a juggernaut. This is Us is a good show, but it’s too gimmicky to beat out the rest, and The Crown was engrossing, but still on a lower tier.
  2. If Mozart in the Jungle gets a nomination for anything, ever, I will cheer for it to win. It’s not a show for everyone, but good god do I love it. It’s also the defending champ from last year, for both show and best actor. I demand a repeat for both.
  3. While I’m iffy on drama series, Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton absolutely deserve wins for their Westworld performances.

My full list of projections will be around in a few weeks. Like last year, and every year, I’ll probably be very wrong. But that’s the Globes. They make no sense sometimes most of the time, but it’s always a fun process.

*Yet. As with every year, I’ll be marathoning those out, especially before the Academy Awards in February. It doesn’t help when half of the movies haven’t even been released?