Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookishtoptentuesday

This Week’s Topic :  Top 10 Books I’d Like to See Under the Tree


So I don’t have a tree, but I do have a Festivus Pole. Limited space in the house, alright? Plus Festivus is just sort of my jam. I’m a lazy decorator, feats of strength amuse me, and I love to gripe at my family members and be terribly sarcastic. A holiday for us snarky grumps indeed.

Gifts aren’t part of Festivus Cannon, but if I wound up with any of the following I would certainly not include them in my annual airing of grievances.

  1. A new Kindle, preferably one with a backlight. I need that battery life! But also illumination!
  2. A case for that kindle. A snazzy one. Perhaps
  3. The ability to make up my mind on what I want to do with my proposed Lord of the Rings tattoo arm. Color? Black and white? How much? Doors of Moria? Too Cliche? One giant eagle? Banners of Rohan?
  4. On that note, the discontinued Battle of Helms Deep Lego set. I need it to sit opposite my Lego Tower of Orthanc in my office.
  5. A Ravenclaw Scarf.
  6. A time turner so that I can both do homework and actually read any of the 50 books already on my TBR shelf.
  7. Another TBR shelf.
  8. A freaking book release announcement from either GRRM or Rothfuss because honestly.
  9. An assurance that the American Gods TV series will be super dope.
  10. I suppose I should list an actual book here? How about this gorgeous copy of Dune. I need to re-read Dune.