2017 is going to be a fun challenge. I’ll be finishing my second masters degree, (hopefully) making a career change, and training for the Chicago Marathon. Also on the docket- keeping up with my annual Oscar watch, reading as many books as I can, traveling at least one more time, and revising my NaNoWriMo project. It’s going to be a mess to organize, truely.

This would normally be the time where I outline all of my reading challenges for the year… but I’m afraid I’ll need to disappoint on that front. The final sixteen weeks of school, combined with obsessive Oscar film watching, are going to make my calendar a hot mess. I need to keep my calendar free and clear to just maintain my sanity. That said, I do plan on working on Read About Where yet again because it gave me some minor goals. Other book challenges, though? We might just prorate those from April.

So while book reviews might be slow to arrive, do stick around for some movies, some video games (though I might as well be dead to the world once Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out) and possibly even some photos, writing prompts, and essays as I use The Laurenest to temporarily distract myself from schoolwork.

Happy 2017 everybody, and happy reading, adventuring, or whatever else tickles your fancy.