If I’m counting correctly I went 12/25 on last night’s Golden Globe awards, a show so often unpredictable that even the winners seem bafflingly confused. 

The one thing I noticed of this year’s ceremony is that the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press (all ~85 of them) remained consistent with their tastes. They really liked La La Land, so much that it won in each of the seven categories it was nominated in. They also loved The Night Manager, which picked up several acting wins that had in most other ceremonies gone to The People v. O.J. Simpson. The Crown was another favorite, picking up wins for best actress and for best drama against two HBO heavy hitters, a new cult classic, and a weapon NBC pander-fest. Speaking of HBO though, Thandie Newton was robbed.

I’m happy with my near 50% success rate, especially considering I went with admittedly silly longshots for some of the categories. There were several upsets in the categories I played safe with (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isabelle Huppert) so my goofy guesses could’ve just as easily worked out in my favor.

Baffling wins aside, the broadcast wasn’t especially eventful. Fallon did an alright job as host, though the sound mixing during his opening number was so bad that we couldn’t hear any of the lyrics. His interjected jokes were also very hit or miss.

Meryl Streep is unsurprisingly getting a lot of press today over her comments regarding poltics, free speech, and respect. She had a powerful message that she delivered with grace, though some of the comments online are treating her like the anti-christ, which actually doesn’t even shock me any more. Go figure one of most treasured actresses is being ripped apart on Twitter for promoting diversity and acceptance.

Anyway, now that the awards season has officially kicked off some of these wonderful films, winners are not, will get more coverage and distribution. Which means it’s time for me to watch a lot of films…