January wasn’t too bad considering I was out of town for a quarter of it and spent a large chunk of my disposable time watching movies instead of reading. I made it through four titles, two of which were from fiction series while two were non-fiction. Balance, right? It’s a far cry from my double digit read counts of winter-months past, but it’s respectable. Besides, Goodreads says I’m on track for my 50 book goal, and that’s all that matter, obviously.

Favorite of the MonthBorn a Crime, by Trevor Noah. I love a book that that both informs and entertains, and that title did so and then some. I recommend it to everyone.

Most Quotable: Discworld books are made for highlighting. One of these months I swear a different title will win this category, but it’s a high bar to hurdle. Pratchett has a way with words, creating sentences that are silly, on-the-nose, and sometimes even profound.

Biggest Letdown: I haven’t gotten the review out for it yet, but the “winner” for this superlative is Mary Roach’s My Planet. I’m a huge fan of Roach and her science writings, but this collection of domestic anecdotes was just… flat. I suppose it’s hard to compare witty commentary on mortuary science to anecdotes about doing laundry, but I like informative Roach more than talk-about-her-marriage Roach by far.

Challenge Progress: Not too awful!

  • Goodreads: I’m on track, with 4/50 done. If you’re wondering why I’m only aiming for 50 this year, when I hit 80-something last year, it’s because I anticipate being very, very busy. Last year I was averaging 10 books a month during winter and spring, which won’t be the case this time around. Realistic expectations!
  • Read About Where?: Africa is complete thanks to Born a Crime, and Fictional Places is covered by Reaper Man‘s Discworld.
  • When Are You Reading: 1980-1999 is all set thanks to Born a Crime, which covers post-Apartheid South Africa.

Series Update: I started a new one this month, The Paper Magician, because I am a weak person and it was free on Kindle. Pfft. I really need to finish off a few of the other ones on that list though. It’s getting out of hand.

Books Still On My TBR Shelf: 43. But that doesn’t count the near-limitless possibilities offered by Kindle Unlimited. I’ve got to avoid falling down that rabbit hole otherwise my physical shelf will never shrink.

What I’m Excited to Read Next: I’m going to finish The Magicians series, I swear. As soon as I’m done with 1984 that’s the next thing I’m picking up. Really. Really really.