I knew February would be trash for reading, since it’s historically the month that I spend more time in front of screens than pages.

Favorite of the Month1984. And I’m not just saying that because it only had one opponent. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in the past few months, and feels terrifyingly topical (which is why it’s been jumping to the top of Amazon reader lists I suppose).

Most Quotable1984, again. I feel like I’ve highlighted half the book at this point. If you didn’t know better, you could easily think those quotes came from an OpEd in yesterdays WaPo.

Biggest Letdown: The Paper Magician. It was on Amazon Unlimited so I figured I’d listen to the audiobook to take a break from endless world affairs podcasts. Not only was the narrator really bad, but the story didn’t pay off in the way I’d like. I’m slowly plodding through the next audiobook, since I’m feel masochistic, but closing off the trilogy might not happen.

Challenge Progress: Ehhhhhh

  • Goodreads: I’m behind. 6/50. Eww.
  • Read About Where?: Europe is double-complete from both the fantasy England of Paper Magician, and dystopian England in 1984.
  • When Are You Reading: I could cheat and put Paper Magician down for 1900-1919 but since it’s fantastical I’ll hold off.

Series Update: I’m on to book 2 in the Paper Magician series. Cool?

Books Still On My TBR Shelf: 43. I didn’t buy anything! Yay me! Well… except for all the movie tickets ad rentals…

What I’m Excited to Read Next: I totally forgot that A Conjuring of Light came out last week, so I’m starting that this afternoon. If it’s anything like Schwab’s previous books in the series I’ll be done binging that in about 5 hours.