Game of Thrones thoughts, speculations, and reactions – Spoilers, obviously.

There have only been a handful of cold opens in the entirety of the series, and each one has played out an effectively shocking scene- the introduction of the White Walkers, the forging of two swords, a prophecy of queens, the Hound’s reveal. When David Bradley appeared on screen, rather than the expected credits, you knew something was about to happen. Especially because we saw Walder Frey die in season six.

Everyone in my viewing group came to the same conclusion in about five seconds. This was no flashback. This was revenge. It’s nice seeing our favorite little psychopath back in Westeros, and her story seems to be connecting again with those of other players. Her Frey massacre (Freysacre?) creates a problem for the Lannisters, who in turn seek help from the more evil side of the Iron Islands- a weirdly emo-dressed Euron Greyjoy. I’ve been lukewarm on Euron to this point. In a story full of horrible people he hasn’t been distinctly horrible enough. Tonight, however, he dropped some serious one-liners on the incestuous wonder twins, adding a few watch-ability¬†points to his chart.

Interconnectedness has been a theme throughout the past dozen or so episodes. The story sprawled for years, crossing continents and oceans and introducing literally hundreds of named parts. But it has to end, and to end it must consolidate. The Lannister/Euron grouping is one obvious example, but we also see Meera and Bran re-entering “civilization,” and Sam connecting with both the information he’s been looking for, but with a surprisingly scaley Jorah Mormont as well.

The Sam story did more than just provide the most vomit inducing montage ever aired on television. It gave the two biggest players (sorry Cersei) a reason to meet. Dany’s sweet new castle is sitting on a mountain of Dragonglass, and the North values that more than gold. We only see Team Targ briefly, making a very, very long walk into a fortification that is amazingly free of squatters. How has no one claimed that place post-Stannis? Its location and deep water ports make it a valuable holding, but everyone was apparently too preoccupied with the High Sparrow to go after it? Whoops.

Jon will inevitably make it down to Dragonstone. Winter is Here, the walkers are slowly shambling their way south, and the north is depleted, albeit united for once. Every man, woman, and child will be expected to train and take up arms- a scene that made me shout “FEMINISM” at the screen about six times. The looks between Lyanna Mormont, Sansa, Brienne, and even Davos were 100% gold. You keep on keeping on you little badass. Though the problems in the north beg a question. What, if anything, does Danaerys know about the White Walkers? She sailed for a throne, but is she aware of the greater threat?

Though the problems in the north beg a question. What, if anything, does Danaerys know about the White Walkers? She sailed for a throne, but is she aware of the greater threat? Will she take Kings Landing only for the Wall to fall?

Things are going to move fast. There are only 6 episodes remaining in this short season, and there is a lot of plot to get through and a lot more questions to be answered. Where will Arya end up- the Brotherhood complete with newly-insightful Hound or on tour with Ed Sheeran? Will Tormund and Brienne get to be happy together? How tense will things get between Jon and Sansa? One moment they’re arguing in public and the next they’re apologizing and complimenting each other. It’s a realistic sibling scenario, but the writers are putting so much emphasis on that divide (complete with pans to Littlefinger smirking) that it must be leading to something.

Which leads me to my season seven predictions, which I’m just making up because I have no idea where anything is going:

  • Cersei will die. Jaime will kill her.
  • The Wall will fall. Edd will die (RIP).
  • Everyone else learns about Jon’s parentage.
  • Jon + Dany = more weird Targ incest.
  • Other deaths: Littlefinger, Tormund, Qyburn, Ellaria Sand