Game of Thrones thoughts, speculations, and reactions – Spoilers all around.

Well that was deeply satisfying, wasn’t it? So many great one liners. Even the loss of Olenna Tyrell gave the viewers a perfect mic drop of a scene and a sendoff for one of the show’s greatest masterminds.

But let’s go back to the beginning, the meeting years in the making. Jon. Dany. Dragonstone. Davos yet again proves he’s the best bro ever, even though Missandei is far better at reading a resume. Tyrion is suitably torn between the queen he chose to follow and the boy he knows is only trying to do what’s best. And Varys is really, really bad at handling military spies and scouts. One would assume that is his job as a master of whispers, right? Yet The Mother of Dragons will only have her dragons left to fight for her this week since Euron is like, a boat wizard, and Highgarden is kaput.

It is logical that Daenerys would be skeptical of Jon’s claim, and their jabs back and forth on their nature of oaths, sins of the father, and birthright presented a thesis statement for both sides. However, Dany’s remark about not having formal schooling seemed apt, since her statement about the Targaryens bringing nothing but peace to Westeros for hundreds of years was flat out wrong. So. Many. Wars. It’s no shock that HBO is investigating several of them for prequel series.

At any rate, their compromise was fair, thanks to Tyrion, who also had a small, albeit short lived, win with his hooker sewer passages at Casterly Rock. I also appreciated the acknowledgment that he was once married to Sansa. Obviously, the show can’t display every conversation, but skipping that fact during Jon and Tyrion’s meeting would’ve been strange.

Speaking of our Girl in the North- Sansa whisks around Winterfell like a Queen. No, not a Queen, a Boss. She manages the castles with ease, shuts down Littlefinger, and sets plans into motion for the long winter ahead that will help not only her people but those of the neighboring holds as well.

And then Bran shows up.

He is (thanks patriarchy) the rightful heir of Winterfell. How will this screw up the schemes of one Petyr Baelish? How soon will everyone find out about Jon? And of all memories to share, he has to point out how pretty his sister was the day she first got brutally raped? Cool story bro. Bran is a wild card, and the full extent and intention of his powers is up in the air.

We’re near the halfway point of the season and this is still anyone’s game. The Tyrells and the Martells are gone. Euron looks poised to become the King Consort though Cersei still only has eyes for her twin. Daenerys still has three giant dragons. Jon has swords of Obsidian. Jorah has a free and clear diagnosis and could soon help bridge a stronger pact between ice and fire. Theon is on a boat.

And what was the deal about Melisandre’s comment about dying in Westeros?

So how are the predictions going? Ehhhhhh.

  • Cersei will die. Jaime will kill her. – Still alive, and I have no idea where Jaime’s character is going.
  • The Wall will fall. Edd will die (RIP). – Still up. But for how long?
  • Everyone else learns about Jon’s parentage. – SOON.
  • Jon + Dany = more weird Targ incest. – Not sure if that will be happening. And I’m 100% good with that.
  • Other deaths: Littlefinger, Tormund, Qyburn, Ellaria Sand – Ellaria is as good as dead. What a way to torture someone.