If you haven’t watched the new episode yet why are you reading this? I’m going to spoil things so get out of here (and then come back later please).

Eastwatch, the fifth episode in the shortened seventh season, throws several wrenches into the war machine. These bombshells great and small mean that the last two installments will have a lot of ground to cover, and that this is still anyone’s game.

Bombshell #1– The death of the Tarly’s and wavering feelings from Varys and Tyrion. We’ve lost a few great houses already (in the show at least). The Martells and Tyrells are off the board, and now the Tarly clan may be next. Sure, there is a sister, but we know how shady inheritance laws seem to be when it comes to women. Sam is floating around, but he’s still a member of the Watch, and doesn’t have a loophole like death to let him stray from those vows.

More importantly, we see doubt creep in from Tyrion and Varys. While they still stand by their queen (she did give Dickon and Co. a choice) this is the first time we really see cracks in Tyrion’s faith.

Bombshell #2– A Maester logs his bowel movements. And SECRET ANNULMENTS AND MARRIAGES. The R+L=J theory was confirmed last season, and now its follow up question – is Jon still technically a bastard?- has been touched on as well, in the most off-hand way possible. Though she pronounces his name as “Ragger,” Gilly reads off a journal entry about Rhaegar Targaryen’s annulment from his wife and mother of two children Elia Martell. He then has a secret wedding in Dorne, the same region where Lyanna Stark died giving birth to Jon. I feel horrible for Elia. She and her children were brutally raped and murdered all for a dude who divorced her. But at any rate, Jon’s legitimacy makes him the true heir to the throne over Dany. Sam has a book. Bran has the knowledge, and Meera’s dad was actually there. This could get really, really interesting.

Bombshell #3– Will Jon ride a dragon? You don’t need Targaryen blood to be a dragon rider, but it seems to help. Did Jon’s connection with Drogon foreshadow future events? The prophecy states that the dragon will have three heads, so who then would ride the third? Tyrion also had a bit of a connection in season five. Time will tell.

Bombshell #4– Cersei is (probably not) pregnant. She drops that knowledge after Jaime “betrays” her. Does anyone believe her? I don’t. But maybe she really is, and maybe she really wants the people to know about her incestuous relationship. How well will that go down? I will also use this space to proclaim yet again how great Bronn is. You keep doing you you shifty bastard.

Bombshell #5– Gendry returns. I’ve been waiting for his return for years, not because of any real affinity for the character, but for the trouble it could cause. He is Robert’s last bastard and last known child. He doesn’t have much of a claim (or does he seem to want the throne), but when the country is torn between a mad woman and a foreign invader who knows who could gain favor. His willingness to join up with Jon was delightful- a Stark/Baratheon reunion like their “fathers” in the past. The war hammer was also a nice touch. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that his smithing skills will have an impact on Valyrian steel, but with a cave full of dragonglass they may not need it.

Bombshell #6– Littlefinger gonna Littlefinger. He’s been quiet for a while, but this week his scheming was back in full force playing the Stark sisters off each other. Arya is a sociopath who just can’t help herself and Sansa feels overlooked in her own home. Baelish is using those emotional states to create a rift in the family, though it seems likely one of the girls will catch on and he’ll end up on the pointy end of the catspaw dagger.

Bombshell #7– The Magnificent Seven. The dream team I never knew I needed. Jon. Tormund. Hound. Gendry. Jorah. Thoros. Berric. Seven men enter. How many will survive? The plan itself seems kind of convoluted (why not borrow a dragon, fly north, and torch the army?) but I could see it playing out with the Hound dying, becoming a wight, and then having CLEGANGE BOWL ZOMBIE EDITION. I can dream. We can all dream.

With less than three hours left there is still a lot close out. At least everyone has the ability to travel at lightning fast speeds? Only six days to wait.