1. Update this again – Life has been a (mostly good) mess. I finished school again, got laid off, changed jobs, got sick, got better, went on vacation, and now I’m back with things being (mostly) stable again. Time to get some more reading, writing, and watching completed, and to flex my critical muscles again.
  2. Read 26 books – I was too ambitious last year and all the incidents that befell me kept me from even getting close. Let’s be realistic- one book every two weeks.
  3. Catch up on Reviews – Go back and review all the things I read last year but never wrote anything about. I have notes, I have highlights, I have Goodreads impressions. I have no excuse to let those sit.
  4. Finish a Travel Book – I always take a million pictures and write a zillion words when I go on trips, with the intention of getting a nice book made. But then I stall out and forget and then nothing ever happens. Not this time!
  5. Watch 50 movies – I’ve never done a movie goal before, aside from writing up short blurbs for the Oscar season. This year I want to watch more of everything- foreign films, documentaries, classics I’ve never gotten to. Thanks to a 9-hour flight I’m already at 4. 46 should be cake.
  6. Beat my Marathon and 5K PRs – A fitness goal! How novel for a New Year’s Resolution, huh? A sprained foot kept me out of the Chicago Marathon last year, but this year I swear I’ll be ready to rock. I need to shave 11 minutes off to be where I want to be, which will be tough but manageable. Truly though, any positive progress would be fabulous.