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An Introduction

What is the Laurenest?

Like the bowerbird, I like to collect things. Thoughts and words mostly, but also images, experiences, tastes. The Laurenest is my personal nest of assembled information- reviews and opinions mostly, but also various experiments in writing and adventure. Come for the books, stay for the pictures of coffee mugs and Legos. It’s a good deal, really.

Who is Lauren?

I want to know everything.

That statement is essentially core tenet of my life. I like to collect information about anything and everything. I love to read, write, see, challenge, and absorb. If it were possible for me to do nothing in life besides study and learn, I would take that path every time. You can probably guess that I’m very good at team trivia.

I’m a former librarian/current jack of all trades business and IT person with way too many college degrees that I barely use. Someday, when all my stupid loans are paid off I’ll go back for a Doctorate. In what, I have no idea.

My reading and writing habits are all over the place when it comes to genre, though I’d say fantasy and sci-fi make up the largest component. In truth, though, I’ll read just about everything. The same is true for my writing habits- I enjoy challenging myself with different styles and genres.

Other than those two completely stereotypical librarian hobbies (even though I’ve left the profession behind), I enjoy traveling, sports, and gaming. If “I want to know everything” is the title to my life, “I want to go Everywhere” would be the subtitle. I’ve been all around the United States thanks to adventurous parents, and now as an adult on my own, I’ve continued to travel both domestically and abroad. If I don’t have a trip at least somewhat on the radar I get irrationally antsy.

I am a huge fan of Hockey, Formula 1, and American Football, though I participate in none of those. Bar League Volleyball in summer and Curling in winter are my playable sports of choice, though I’m admittedly bad to mediocre at both. I also run and finished my first marathon in fall 2016. So I guess I’m alright at that? It’s good quality time for listening to audiobooks at any rate.

That’s pretty much Lauren in a nut shell.

How do I bug you?

If you’d like to contact me for whatever purpose (free money? advanced review copies?!) you can catch me at


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