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Doctor Strange : The Last Days of Magic

Magic is under assault. Magic is dying.

Doctor Strange : The Last Days of Magic (Issues #6-#10)
Jason Aaron | 2016 | 168 Pages



Book Review Featured


The gods of the Disc have never bothered much about judging the souls of the dead, and so people only go to hell if that’s where they believe, in their deepest heart, that they deserve to go. Which they won’t do if they don’t know about it. This explains why it is so important to shoot missionaries on sight.

Eric (Discworld #9)
Terry Pratchett | 1990 | 217 Pages




Top Ten On My TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookishtoptentuesday

This Week’s Topic :  Books on my Fall TBR


Now that I’ve completed #TackleTBR and cleared off a nice chunk of my shelf it’s time to get moving on the rest of it… and maybe buy more books too. I don’t have a problem.

So what’s on my Fall TBR? A lot of old stuff actually. Not many new releases since I’m so behind on a million different series. So… in no real order whatsoever…

  • The Magician’s Land – Lev Grossman
  • The Twelve – Justin Cronin
  • The City of Mirrors – Justin Cronin
  • Moving Pictures – Terry Pratchett
  • Reaper Man – Terry Pratchett
  • The Secret History – Donna Tartt
  • The Master and Margarita – Mikail Bulgakov
  • The Invention of Nature – Andrew Wulf
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock – Joan Lindsay
  • Maphead – Ken Jennings

(Yes, I’m using this TTT to distract myself from actually writing reviews like I should be doing…)



Tackle Your TBR – The Wrap Up

It’s done! I think? Was midnight tonight the deadline… or last night? Whatever, either way, goals are accomplished.

  • Books Finished : 9
  • Pages Read : 2,400
  • Favorite ReadThe Passage
  • What I’m going to do now : Catch up on real life again because class is in session and Human Resource Management is so thrilling.

This was a fun little two-week escape from real life. I read so many books, including two comic arcs, almost an entire trilogy of vampire novels, my monthly Discworld title, my monthly classic, and even a YA book! I’ve cleared out almost all of the fiction titles on my TBR shelf, gotten close to finishing two series, and actually upped my “books read” count substantially after a long summer of… not much.

Alas, I’m now terribly, terribly behind on reviews. EricThe FallThe Magician KingThe Importance of Being EarnestDoctor Strange v.2, and Black Panther are all as yet unwritten. Yikes. So between all of those and all of my new and delightful homework my reading might slip back again. But hey, I’m like 25 books over my yearly goal, so whatever.

How did your Read-a-thon go? Smash those goals? Find something cool and new and fun? I should do another one of these at some point…


My Series Problem

Today’s post is more for my own reference than anything else, but if it inspires you to track down all of those different loose ends on your own TBR than I’ve done some good in the world.

This is the list of series that I’ve started. Some I’ll finish, some I can’t finish, and some will probably sit on the backburner for a little while. What do I take from all of this? I should probably not start any series… I also feel like I’m missing a lot of entries on this list. Oh well. I’ll update it over time.

Ongoing Series

  • The Checquy Files – Daniel O’Malley
    • Have read : The Rook
    • Have not read : The Stiletto
    • Plan to continue It has been so long since book one I forgot #2 was even out. I’ll be picking that up soon.
  • Illuminae Files – Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristof
    • Have read : Illuminae
    • Have not read : Gemina (released in October)
    • Plan to continue : Eventually
  • Kingkiller Chronicles – Patrick Rothfuss
    • Have read : all published books in the main series
    • Have not read : The Slow Regard for Silent Things
    • Plan to continue : HURRY UP ON BOOK THREE
  • Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard – Rick Riordan
    • Have read : The Sword of Summer
    • Have not read : The Hammer of Thor (released in October)
    • Plan to continue : Yes, though it might be a few months before I pick up book 2.
  • The Saxon Stories – Bernard Cornwell
    • Have read : The Last Kingdom
    • Have not read : Anything else
    • Plan to continue : Eventually
  • Shades of Magic  – V.E. Schwab
  • Song of Ice and Fire – George R.R. Martin
    • Have read : all published books in the main series
    • Have not read : the extra stuff, like The World of Ice and Fire
    • Plan to continue : Hahahhaha if this series ever ends I’ll eat one of my old running shoes. But yes.
  • Stormlight Archive – Brandon Sanderson
    • Have read : The Way of Kings
    • Have not read : The Words of Radiance
    • Plan to continue : Yes, I just need to hunker down for the next 1,300 pages.
  • Thomas Cromwell Series – Hilary Mantel
    • Have read : Wolf Hall, Bring up the Bodies
    • Have not read : The Mirror and the Light (Not yet Published)
    • Plan to continue : Sure, when the book comes out…

Series that are Completely Written

  • Discworld – Terry Pratchett
  • Dune – Frank Herbert
    • Have read : Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune
    • Have not read : Anything else
    • Plan to continue : Ehhhh…. not in the foreseeable future. Dune is a classic and the first two sequels were ok, but I hear the rest just gets insane and way too weird?
  • The Magicians – Lev Grossman
    • Have read : The Magicians
    • Have not read : The Magician King, the Magicians Land
    • Plan to continue : Yes. Read book #2 now.
  • The Passage Trilogy – Justin Cronin
    • Have read : The Passage
    • Have not read : The TwelveThe City of Mirrors
    • Plan to continue : Absolutely. It’s near the top of my TBR.
  • The Strain Trilogy – Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan
    • Have read : The Strain, The Fall
    • Have not read : The Night Eternal
    • Plan to continue : Yes. Currently reading the final book.
  • The Witcher – Andrzej Sapkowski
    • Have read : The Last Wish
    • Have not read : The six books that come after it
    • Plan to continue : Maybe? I love the games and enjoyed the first book, but this one is closer to the back of the read list.


  • Avatar Graphic Novels
  • Black Panther
  • Doctor Strange
  • Saga



Book Review Featured


The universe owes you nothing, Kady. It has already given you everything, after all. It was here long before you, and it will go on long after you. The only way it will remember you is to do something worth remembrance.

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files #1)
Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff | 2015 | 599 Pages



Tackle Your TBR – Update #2

Well well well. I gave myself some softball goals for sure. I mean, just look at them!tackle-your-tbr-readathon-2016

  • Read a minimum of 100 pages a day
  • Finish The Passage (350 pages to go) and The Strain (125 pages to go)
  • Start and finish Eric (217 pages), Illuminae (599 pages), and The Fall (308 pages)
  • Finish up with the latest Doctor Strange and Black Panther comic arcs
  • Write at least 2 progress posts + a wrap up

I finished The Strain and The Passage before my first progress post went live, same with Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic.

Since making that post last Friday I have also finished Eric and Illuminae, and I’m about two dozen pages from finishing The Fall. I’ve also obviously kept to that 100 page a day goal, since Illuminae alone was 600 pages… though that sort of feels like cheating. There are so many pages in that book with like, five words on them.

This is update post #2, satisfying that goal… which leaves us with that wee chunk of The Fall and two issues of a comic book. Yeah. I went easy. Too easy. So I’m going to tack on the entirety of my September classic, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, and also The Magicians Land. I’m contemplating adding more…. but why stress myself out?

Anyway, my TBR shelf is actually looking empty these days. Well… as empty as you can get with The Words of Radiance and Cryptonomicon still sitting their beefy selves on it. I kind of regret not taking before and after pictures.

How’s your TBR looking? How much money have you saved not buying books for a month? Or even just two weeks? I should treat myself to some froyo.