Prompt : You are stuck on the highway in the worlds worst traffic jam for at least two days. What happens?

Brent is such an asshole. Really. I can’t believe he abandoned me like this. Mom said he had a complex, hated that I was the breadwinner, masculine pride and that bullshit. I always told her to shut up and mind her own business, but she’s probably right.

Don’t let her know I said that.

But damnit, what an asshole! If he’s so obsessed with this messed-up need to be my protector, or provider or whatever, you’d think he’d keep his ass in the car and actually, you know, protect his woman through this automotive hellscape and provide her with some companionship while waiting for the jam to clear.

What an asshole.

I’m obsessed with my car, that’s what he said. I’m obsessed with my car? Uh yeah. If you drove an FF you’d be obsessed with it to. I didn’t cash out on my life’s work to drive a Civic for fuck’s sake. I cant believe he kicked my door. As if that was going to make me run after him? Like one sad scuff from a pair of Toms is really going to make me abandon my baby?

Would you abandon your Ferarri in the middle of the highway? Would anyone? I mean, unless it’s on fire or something? Even then…

No. I’m not leaving my car. 53 hours in a traffic deadlock be damned. People are shitty, people are thieves, and I’m staying put.

And no. I’m not crazy, and I’m not even the only person doing this. Yeah, plenty of drivers in shit kickers left ages ago, but I am far from the only one still out here. Thank god I was coming home from the grocery store.

Yes, I drive my sportscar to buy groceries, what of it?

Hold up.

There is something going on up ahead… movement? Maybe? Damnit, the quake screwed up all the signals. No one knows anything.

Whatever, I’m still not abandoning my car. Like I said, I’d have to start on fire or…

What the hell was that noise? It sounded like…

Oh shit.

AN : Screwing around with a different voice and perspective today. Mixing it up…