Grey Crowned Cranes are among the most primitive of Crane species, and have some interesting traits. They nest in trees (weird), have an average clutch size of 3 (also weird) and honk (super weird).

Steller’s Sea Eagles are the heaviest Eagles in the world. Females can weigh up to 21lbs (their puny menfolk top out around 14), and they regularly snatch fish in the 13-15lb range. Imagine having to carry around food that weighs 75% of what you do! Dang girl.

Great Horned Owls are possibly more impressive with their food habits. There are reports of them hunting adult Lynx. What? Nothing is safe from these flying murder-bots. Well, not nothing. I mean, Bears are probably ok. Or are they?

Finally, the Hammerkop is a goofy little stork from Africa that the local owls walk all over. See, they are compulsive nest builders- sometimes making 5 each year! And we aren’t talking little nests. No, these things are 5ft wide, have thousands of pieces, and serve as stages for their courtship dance numbers. The constructions are so impressive that larger birds of prey swoop in and steal them on the regular. At least there are four more?

Pictures taken at Toronto Zoo