Prompt : Write down the interior monologue you experience when you sit down to write.

The leashes hit the entryway tile with a dull clamor; the blasted things never want to remain on their hooks. Never. I shrug and leave them were they fall, shaking off the cold and my zipper-less parka with it. I really should buy a new one since it’s seven degrees out and was four yesterday, but it has been three years so far. The snaps work fine.

I pull off my boots and trudge to the home office around the corner, wrapping myself up in a cheap fleece blanket with cartoon faces. The air flow in the house is spotty in the cold; one could never have too many blankets. The dogs follow after a shake and a confused glance to the stairs. They want to go back to sleep, and I don’t blame them. I’m not really sure why I’m awake at 7:45 on a Sunday.

The terminal waits, cold and asleep and then coaxed to life with the push of a button. It boots swiftly, thankfully. I am impatient. Bless those solid state hard drives. I adjust the blanket over my shoulders, freeing my hands to type with minimal exposure to air. The squeak of my chair wakes the Degus, brothers in a huddle of brown fur. One looks up, realizes it is not snack time, and then returns to the pile where I can’t tell him from the other.

My works awaits. A password, an executed file, a resistance to walking down familiar internet haunts and wasting time. I really should not be wasting time, Star Wars fan art isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been putting off my stories again. I was in the middle of revising chapters one and two. I hate the way my story begins, but how do you begin to describe a world you have made? How do you make readers interested?

How do you make them care about your creation as much as you do?

I work on chapter one all the time. I breezed through during the November rush, knowing then that if I obsessed I would never hit the 50k goal.

I hate that chapter now, and the one after that. Chapter three is cool though. We’re good.

I really need to get through this re-write. How do I frame this? How do I explain this without it being too boring? Or obvious? Or stupid?

It’s too early to make decisions. I should make some coffee. Coffee will help.

I’ll tackle that stupid chapter after I’ve had a cup. I promise.

Completed as part of my 2016 642 Things to Write About Challenge