Time for more flash film reviews. It’s been a busy week with a busy bunch of on-screen worker bees. Between determined boxers, tech moguls, and investigative journalists it has been quite the industrious collection of characters!

Better than I expected after so many lackluster Rocky sequels. A quality reboot with just the right amount of homage paid. Jordan did excellent work and I wouldn’t be shocked to see this become a new hit franchise. Stallone’s Oscar nomination is no surprise.

Steve Jobs
“It’s not binary. You can be decent and gifted at the same time.” The curiously edited Sorkin/Boyle combo of a man who did not take that quote to heart. Fassbender plays just the right amount of genius and asshole in this biopic that holds few punches on a modern mythological figure.

Just go to this link. Read it. All of it. This is the story of the journalists who uncovered that, overcoming everything that a city and a worldwide institution threw at them. The ignored atrocities made my blood boil. But it’s Oscar time, if a movie doesn’t make you sad or angry it doesn’t really fit the mold, does it?

Ex Machina
If you create an AI, are you a god? What makes artificial intelligence, how does one really pass the Turing Test? Are lies and deception what make us human? A strange and terrifying film that I’m surprised missed out on more recognition. Also, THIS DANCE WHAT.