Time for more flash film reviews. My viewing time has been slashed due to a hectic schedule, but I still managed to cram a mess of these babies in. Bless you on-demand services and discount nights…

Beautiful, simple, straightforward. Ronan gorgeously portrays a young woman who navigates and matures within a overwhelming new world despite loneliness, tragedy, and familial expectations. A lovely story and a lovely film.

45 YeFilmReelars

Started very slow, but builds to a story conflicting and devastating as a long-married couple deals with an shocking piece of news the week before their 45th anniversary party. Enjoyed it more than I expected to, thanks to Rampling’s turn as a woman questioning everything she thought she knew about her relationship.

The Revenant

Strangely, the only film I’ve seen in a month that I was actually disappointed with. Full thoughts over here.

Far From the Madding Crowd

Not a nominee, but a beautiful film based on a classic novel. Mulligan does brilliant work as an independent woman ahead of her time. Though the movie has flaws, I’m surprised she (and the music, and costumes) neglected to score much recognition this awards season.

Bridge of Spies

Have you seen a Spielberg period piece before? Yes? Ok. Then you know exactly what to expect going in to this movie. Good performance by Hanks, good music, good script. Nothing over the top phenominal. It was no more and no less than what I assumed it to be. Rylance gave a great performance, but aside from that it was standard Spielberg.

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